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We believe that the Bible is God's living word today. We want to encourage everyone to get to grips with reading it and making it part of your daily routine.


Bible Reading Notes

Reading the Bible every day has traditionally been part of the rule of life for Christians but recent research suggests that fewer and fewer Christians are reading the Bible regularly. Often it’s because people think it’s too difficult or don’t know where to begin. That’s where Bible reading notes come in.  There is a wealth of resources to help people read their Bible day by day.  They vary in style – some provide a one-off ‘thought for the day’; many work through Bible passages more systematically.  Some will suit some people, some will suit others.  Many of them are now downloadable.  Most people probably get bored with using one set of notes after a few years and need to change.  You can see sample copies of many of them on the web-sites of those who produce them.  Here’s an overview of some of them linked to their publishers.



produces two sets of Bible reading notes which come out every three months. 


The longest running and most familiar is DAILY BREAD which seeks to explain and apply the text of passages, answering the question, 'What does this mean for me today?' or 'What difference does this passage make to my life?'


The second is ENCOUNTER WITH GOD which aims to apply the text to life today and the world we live in.   It is designed for readers who want a thoughtful, in-depth approach to systematic Bible reading, with introduction and review articles for each consecutive series, enabling further study, reflection and response and features articles addressing contemporary issues.


They have been available in e-book, PDF and Kindle formats.


Scripture Union also puts out WordLive as a free down-load or app. With daily readings, notes and suggestions for further reflection and prayer See



THE GOOD BOOK COMPANY   ( ) produces EXPLORE each quarter.  It works through chunks of the Bible with a style that seeks to make the reader think for themselves about what the Bible says and how it applies today. As well as explaining the passage the notes often contain questions to make you look at the text for yourself  with help also to take ‘Time out’ to reflect, to apply or to pray. 


There is also a simpler Explore app available free. In addition they produce a whole range of study guides on Bible books and themes.


BIBLE READING FELLOWSHIP   ) produces a variety of different notes each covering four months.  These too are available to download.

NEW DAYLIGHT is the most popular series. New Daylight follows themes or sections of scripture.  For each day the text is included with a thought for the day.

GUIDELINES is aimed at more at church leaders and students, and provides more in-depth study for today’s mission and ministry.  There are weekly units with six chunks which can be read day by day or not.

THE UPPER ROOM is written by its readers all over the world and focuses on finding God in daily experience with a thought for the day, with ideas to link to lives and a prayer focus.

DAY BY DAY WITH GOD is written for women, by women who have themselves found the Bible a source of strength and inspiration for life, with explanation of a text and suggestions for prayer, meditation and further reading.

BIBLE REFLECTIONS FOR OLDER PEOPLE is a new series with Bible reflections aimed at older people which will bring hope, assurance and sustenance to the reader

CWR (Crusade for World Revival)  ( ) produces a variety of notes published bi-monthly available in booklet, e-book and kindle formats or by e-mail. 


EVERY DAY WITH JESUS is probably the most popular is originally written by Selwyn Hughes, mostly in a thought for the day format, but with a linked theme for each issue.  There are videos and discussion starters for groups available too.


INSPIRING WOMEN EVERY DAY is written by women to provide inspiration and encouragement for women as they face the challenges of life. 


They also produce the Cover to Cover study guides which we have used in our homegroups but which can also be used for study by individuals.


LIFE with LUCAS, written by the well-known speaker and writer Jeff Lucas with a style that combines humour with thoughtful content, applying Bible teaching to daily living, with video links for going deeper.  (  )



Once again this year we are not collecting payment for the notes but are asking people to give as they are able. We won't be keeping a tab on who pays what but will just trust that it comes back, and if not, then we hope they will be blessed with bible reading notes!  We will still put the 10% refund of what the notes cost, which we get from the Oasis bookshop, into the Namalemba account as we have done in the past.  You might like to put your donation in an envelope marked Bible reading notes (cheques payable to PCC of Holy Saviour, Bitterne) and put it in the giving box at church or give it to our Treasurer, Jo Ayres-Proctor, who could also give you bank transfer details if you prefer.


Could you please let Brian Parfitt ( ) know by December 1st if you would like to have Bible reading notes for the coming year so that we can order them.


Here as a guide are the annual costs for the notes.

Daily Bread & Encounter with God (4 times a year) - £19-96


Explore (4 times a year) - £19-96


New Daylight, Guidelines, the Upper Room and Day by Day with God (3 times a year) - £14.25


Bible Reflections for Older People (3 times a year)- £15-75


Every Day with Jesus & Inspiring Women (6 times a year) - £20-94


Life with Lucas (4 times a year) -  £22-96

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